Committee Activities and Expenditures Reports

Parliamentary committees undertake numerous studies based on the permanent or specific mandates given to them by the House of Commons. Pursuant to Standing Order 121(4), an annual report, outlining the individual expenditures of every standing, special and legislative committee is tabled in the House. The Liaison Committee regularly presents its Report on Committee Activities and Expenditures, which discloses information on committees’ expenditures, including summaries by study and in relation to committee travel. Activity indicators such as the number of meetings, the amount of time the committee has met, the number of witnesses and the number of reports presented to the House are also included for each committee. The report also contains a short narrative summary of the activities undertaken by each committee, during the period covered by the report. These reports are cumulative over each fiscal year (April 1 to March 31) and are generally presented to the House three times per year.

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Previous Fiscal Years (Annual Reports)

Committee Conference Reports

The financial reports for conferences hosted by parliamentary committees, where funding comes, in whole or in part, from the global envelope for committee activities, disclose travel and hospitality expenses, broken down by individual or group, every quarter where expenses were incurred, within 60 days of the end of the quarter.