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Detail of andiron, Speaker's Office, House of Commons.

The metalwork component consists mainly of the decorative wrought iron and bronze work which was integrated into the architecture of the Centre Block, and that contributes greatly to the unique neo-Gothic ambiance that characterizes the building. The following selection of wrought iron and bronze artefacts displays a consistently high standard in design and craftsmanship, as well as in the quality of materials used, and their texture and finish.

Most of the wrought iron elements were handcrafted in the ornamental wrought iron shop established at the request of architect John A. Pearson during reconstruction of the Centre Block. The ornamental wrought iron shop supervised by the noted artistic metalworker Paul Beau was located on the northeast corner of the parliamentary grounds. The workshop operated from early 1920 until the summer of 1926, during which skilled craftsmen - blacksmiths and metal workers - produced a large number of items, ranging from ornate door hinges and grilles to fireplace implements. Beau's work, much of it produced after designs prepared by G.S. Lemasnie, is a fitting contribution to the building and a monument to an exceptional Canadian artisan.

As works of this nature are rarely signed and often anonymous, a special effort has been made to give full credit, wherever possible, to the designers and craftsmen of these unique heritage items, whose names are too often forgotten.

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