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Presenting Reports from Interparliamentary Delegations

Members frequently travel abroad or within Canada as part of officially recognized interparliamentary delegations representing both the House of Commons and Parliament as a whole. An officially recognized interparliamentary delegation is composed in whole or in part of Members of the House.

Within 20 sitting days of their return from travel abroad, interparliamentary delegations are required to present a report to the House on the activities of the delegation. The report typically includes the names of the Members who participated in the delegation, the travel dates, and information on the delegation’s activities and the cost of the trip.

When presenting a report during Routine Proceedings, the head of the delegation, or a Member acting on his or her behalf, may comment briefly on the content of the report, but no debate is permitted.

The Speaker tables reports related to parliamentary exchanges that he or she has led abroad, prior to the Tabling of Documents.

Each report is recorded as a sessional paper and is open to public scrutiny.

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