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Debate on Standing Orders and Procedure

The Standing Orders of the House of Commons provide for a one-day special debate on the rules and procedures of the House and its committees in the early days of each Parliament. The debate affords Members an opportunity to express their views and to offer suggestions for improvements to the rules.

Initiating Debate

Standing Order 51 provides for an automatic debate on the motion, “That this House take note of the Standing Orders and procedures of the House and its committees” on a day designated by a Minister between the 60th and 90th sitting days of a Parliament. If no day is designated, the debate is automatically held on the 90th sitting day

Rules of Debate

Debate on the motion takes precedence over all other business of the House and lasts a maximum of one sitting day. The proceedings on the motion expire when the debate ends or at the ordinary hour of daily adjournment, whichever comes first. To encourage participation, the rules permit no Member to speak more than once or for longer than 10 minutes.

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