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Scheduling of Debate

Although Private Members’ Business hour is regularly scheduled for each day the House sits, it may be cancelled or suspended for a variety of reasons:

When Private Members’ Business is suspended on a Monday, the House takes up Government Orders during that time slot.

Delays and Interruptions

When Private Members’ Business hour is delayed or interrupted for any reason, the debate is then extended or rescheduled so that no time is lost.

If the start of Private Members’ Business hour is delayed because of deferred votes or a Minister’s Statement or is interrupted so that Members may attend a Royal Assent ceremony in the Senate Chamber, Private Members’ Business hour is extended by the corresponding amount of time, provided the delay was less than 90 minutes from the time Private Members’ Business hour is normally scheduled to begin.

If debate on Private Members’ Business does not begin or resume within 90 minutes of the time it was scheduled to begin, the remaining time or the entire hour is added to another sitting.

Rescheduling of Debate

The rescheduling of any unused portion of a Private Members’ Business hour is done by the Speaker after consultation. The rescheduling ordinarily takes place within 10 sitting days, pursuant to Standing Order 30(7). No more than one adjournment period as provided in the parliamentary calendar may elapse in the rescheduling of the debate. The rescheduled business is considered during an additional Private Members’ Business hour, which is added to the daily schedule of the House.

Twenty-four hours’ notice must be given for the consideration of a rescheduled item. The notice is printed in the Notice Paper on the day the additional debate is to take place.

The Order Paper entry referring to the rescheduled debate, or to a debate awaiting rescheduling, appears at the top of the list of “Items in the Order of Precedence”. On days when Private Members’ Business has been rescheduled, the adjournment proceedings are delayed by the amount of time required to complete the rescheduled debate.

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