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Debate on Items of Private Members’ Business

Standing Order 95(1) provides that during debate on a votable item of Private Members’ Business, the sponsor may speak for 15 minutes followed by a five-minute question and comment period, while other Members may speak for 10 minutes each. The Member moving the item may speak again for not more than five minutes at the conclusion of the second hour, or earlier if no other Member rises to speak.

Amendments to private Members’ motions or to the motion for the second reading of a private Member’s bill may be made only with the consent of the sponsor.

Debate on a non-votable item begins with the mover of the item speaking for up to 15 minutes, without a question and comment period. Other Members may speak for up to 10 minutes. The time allotted for 10-minute speeches is limited to a maximum of 40 minutes. After 40 minutes or sooner if no other Member rises to speak, the Member moving the motion may conclude the debate by speaking for a maximum of five minutes.

Standing Order 95(3) provides that no dilatory motions (motions aimed at disposing of or delaying the motion or bill under debate) are allowed during Private Members’ Business.

Although there is no fixed pattern for the recognition of Members wishing to speak during Private Members’ Business, the Chair tries to provide opportunities for all points of view to be expressed.

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