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Projected Order of Business


All items of business that may potentially be taken up in the course of a sitting are printed in the daily Order Paper. However, the Order Paper does not indicate which items of business the Government intends to call on a particular day.

In order to provide a handy listing of all business expected to be taken up each day as well as on subsequent days, the Journals Branch publishes a daily tentative working agenda called the Projected Order of Business. This publication is available on the Internet, and a printed version is distributed to Members in the Chamber.


The sequence of headings used in the Projected Order of Business follows the Order of Business set for that day by the Standing Orders or by special order of the House. The time appointed for each heading to be called is indicated. Appended to the headings are useful notes concerning such matters as the length of speeches and debates as well as any special orders affecting the business of the House.

The entry under a particular heading in the Projected Order of Business indicates which item of business found under that heading on the Order Paper is expected to be taken up that day. When no entry appears, this means either that there is nothing listed on the Order Paper for that category of business or that any of the items appearing on the Order Paper under that heading may be taken up. The headings “Government Orders” and “Private Members’ Business” are explained in detail below.

The Projected Order of Business also lists items of business for which recorded divisions are scheduled.

Government Orders

This heading may appear more than once on a given day, depending on the times scheduled for the consideration of Government business according to the Standing Orders or by special order of the House. Since the Government may call any item of Government business on the Order Paper, an item entered under this heading is subject to change without notice. Entries are based on information that the Government House Leader’s Office provides to the Journals Branch. The Government is not bound, however, by the Projected Order of Business and retains the right to call any item of business listed under “Government Orders” on that day’s Order Paper.

Private Members’ Business

The item of Private Members’ Business scheduled for debate is shown under this heading. This entry is the same as the first one in the Order of Precedence on the Order Paper for that day and appears again at the end of the Notice Paper. Notes indicate the amount of time remaining for debate.

Projection for Subsequent Days

This section lists business likely to be taken up in the days ahead. It is based mainly on information provided by the Government in the weekly Thursday Statement, in which the Government House Leader lists items of Government business likely to be considered over the week ahead. The projection also draws from the section in the Order Paper entitled Items in the “Order of Precedence” under Private Members’ Business.

(See the Projected Order of Business on the House of Commons website.)

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