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Order Paper—Government Orders

Government Orders are items that are already before the House and are awaiting first consideration or resumption of debate (indicated by the date on which an item was placed on notice or last debated). Items in the Government Orders section in the Order Paper are divided by type into five subsections:

The Government may choose which item or items it wishes to call from any subsection. The item that the Government has indicated it intends to call can usually be found in the Projected Order of Business. The different types of business found in this section of the Order Paper are described briefly below.

Supply Proceedings

Two types of motions may be listed: opposition motions and motions to concur in interim supply, the main estimates or supplementary estimates. Notes are appended to the entries to show the number of the allotted day in the current supply period.

Ways and Means Proceedings

All bills for the raising of revenue through taxation are based on ways and means motions, and all such motions awaiting consideration by the House are listed in this subsection. A note attached to the entry refers to the day the text of the motion was tabled in the House and the sessional paper number assigned to it.

The motion to approve the budget presented by the Government, with any amendments to that motion, is also found in this subsection.

Government Bills (Commons)

This list contains all Government bills that have been introduced in the House of Commons, have been read a first time, and are awaiting consideration at the second reading stage, report stage, or third reading stage. Bills referred to Committee are not listed since they cannot be called in the House. If the Senate has amended a Government bill that originated in the House, the order for consideration of the Senate amendments will also appear in this section. (The text of the motion for the consideration of the Senate amendments, however, will appear in the Notice Paper.) The number of the bill, preceded by “C-”, is shown in bold at the top of the entry. The entry shows the stage that the bill has reached, its long title, the responsible Minister, and whether it carries a royal recommendation.

Government Bills (Senate)

Any Government bills sent to the Commons from the Senate and given first reading are listed in this subsection unless they are in committee. The bill number has an “S-” instead of a “C-” prefix. Otherwise the form of entries is the same as it is for those under “Government Bills (Commons)”.

Government Business

Government business that does not appear elsewhere is listed in this subsection. This includes orders for resuming debate on motions that were originally listed under “Motions” but that have been taken up once without being disposed of.

(See the Order Paper and Notice Paper on the House of Commons website.)

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