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Recommital of a Bill to Committee at Third Reading

Once adopted, an amendment to recommit a bill to a committee at third reading constitutes an order of reference, with or without a deadline, to a committee to reconsider certain clauses for a specific purpose. The purpose of such an amendment may be to enable the committee to add a new clause, to reconsider a specific clause of the bill or to reconsider previous amendments. A bill may be recommitted more than once.

An amendment to the motion for third reading to recommit a bill should not seek to give a mandatory instruction to a committee regarding the substance of the bill. In other words, the House cannot order a committee to make specific substantive changes to a bill. In addition, an amendment to recommit a bill to a committee other than the one that previously considered it has been ruled out of order by the Speaker. If the amendment for recommital is carried, the committee may consider only the part of the bill that is specified in the order of reference.

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