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Preparation of a Bill by a Committee

Following 48 hours’ written notice, a Minister may propose a motion instructing a committee to prepare and bring in a bill pursuant to Standing Order 68(4). Once the notice period has passed, the motion is placed on the Order Paper under “Government Orders”. Once called by the government, the motion may be debated for a maximum of 90 minutes. Following debate, the Speaker puts all questions necessary to dispose of the motion.

According to Standing Orders 68(6) and (7), when the House adopts a motion to concur in the report of a committee instructed to prepare and bring in a bill, this becomes an order to bring in the bill. When the motion for first reading of a bill prepared by a committee is moved, the Minister or Member states that the bill is based on the committee report.

When the motion for second reading is later put to the House, no debate or amendment is permitted, given that a general debate on the subject matter of the bill was held during consideration of the original motion of instruction to the committee. The second reading motion can be moved only on the third sitting day after first reading.

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