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Public Accounts of Canada

Each year, the President of the Treasury Board tables in the House of Commons a detailed report of the financial transactions of all government departments and agencies, entitled the Public Accounts of Canada. The report must be tabled on or before December 31 following the end of the fiscal year to which the accounts apply; or, if the House is not sitting at that time, on any of the next 15 sitting days. As a matter of tradition, the Public Accounts are addressed to the Governor General.

As Receiver General, the Minister of Public Works and Government Services is responsible under the Financial Administration Act for ensuring that accounts are kept for each department and agency of the Government of Canada. These accounts are rolled up into the Accounts of Canada.

The Accounts must include the following, for the year to which they apply:

Currently, the Public Accounts of Canada is divided into three separate volumes.

Volume I contains:

Volume II gives details of the government’s financial operations by ministry; and Volume III provides additional information and analyses.

The Public Accounts are deemed referred to the Standing Committee on Public Accounts when tabled.

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