Strategic Plan

Our plan

The House of Commons Administration’s Strategic Plan 2023–2026 sets out our corporate priorities and strategic direction for a period of three years. It serves to guide our decisions and focus our resources so that the Administration can fulfill its mission. The Board of Internal Economy—the governing body of the House of Commons—ensures that progress against the plan is communicated to the public through the annual Report to Canadians.

Our vision

“One House, One Team”

The House Administration’s vision describes a desired state and sets our direction to help us make decisions on a daily basis. “One House, One Team” reinforces the notion that we have one common goal. It refers to our ability to continuously improve the way we work together to support Members and the House of Commons. It reminds us that we should work as one team, within and across functions, to deliver streamlined and seamless services.

Our mission

“Together—where everyone has a voice—we innovate, anticipate, and respond to the needs of the House and its Members in support of parliamentary democracy.”

The House Administration’s mission expresses our core purpose and speaks to our ongoing efforts for service excellence and responsiveness in the parliamentary context. It highlights our commitment to foster dialogue and our belief that everyone, regardless of their role, has a contribution to make.

Our values

The values of the House Administration define who we are and what matters to us. They describe the commitment that the House Administration makes to its employees and to Members and lay the foundation upon which we strive to achieve our purpose and goals.

Integrity and impartiality

We serve with impartiality, honour our commitments, and remain accountable for our actions.

Service excellence

We continuously improve our services and innovate to add value and increase efficiency.


We work together productively with mutual respect, trust, and kindness.


We embrace diversity and inclusion, and we create a safe space where everyone can bring their whole self to work.

Our strategic priorities

The House Administration established strategic priorities and key focus areas to guide its activities over a period of three years.

Our people

A professional, diverse, and healthy workforce where employees feel connected and well supported in their development and their career journey.

Key focus areas:

  • Recruit, develop and retain a high-performing and diverse workforce.
  • Explore and adopt holistic approaches to employee health and well-being.
  • Foster flexibility and leverage shifting opportunities as we recognize the future of work and invest in it.
  • Invest in broadening competencies and developing inclusive, transparent leaders at all levels.

Our workplace
Information, Technology, Facilities, Infrastructure and Equipment

An adaptive, informed, connected, and secure workplace that enables our current and future work.

Key focus areas:

  • Adjust our asset investments to the changing needs of the parliamentary environment and the workplace.
  • Continue to invest in our digital transformation in accordance with our corporate business priorities.
  • Invest in information as an asset to facilitate decision making at all levels.
  • Strengthen our physical, personal and IT security posture.

Our service delivery

A seamless experience that is client-centric, integrated, and accessible.

Key focus areas:

  • Develop a deeper understanding of Members’ business and evolving needs.
  • Work collaboratively to continue integrating services and functions to become more agile.
  • Design a flexible, accessible and inclusive service delivery model for all.
  • Deliver value through continuous improvement and innovation focused on streamlining work and increasing efficiency.

Leadership commitments

The House Administration is dedicated to ensuring the success of the Strategic Plan. The following statements are our leadership commitments to support our collective efforts toward achieving our vision, mission, values and priorities.

  • We will build a culture that fosters trusted relationships, supports the achievement of results, and sets the stage for innovation and creativity.
  • We will develop clear, data-informed decision-making processes.
  • We will create opportunities to strengthen connections between people and service areas and increase collaboration across teams.

For more information

The Report to Canadians provides an annual update on the steps that the House of Commons Administration takes to support Members and their staff. The report is posted on our website so that Canadians can learn more about the House of Commons and the vital work that Members and their teams do.