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Mr. Speaker, today I rise to thank the constituents of Niagara West for putting their trust in me for the seventh consecutive time. I am proud and honoured to be their voice in this chamber once again. I am humbled that I received more votes in this election than in the last one. I thank Niagara West for their support.
As we all know, this election was extremely divisive. This was only so because of the Prime Minister, who is leading a corrupt and secretive government. Canadians should be concerned that the Prime Minister would try and divide us by pitting one group of Canadians against another. That is no way to lead this country.
The Prime Minister is also failing Canadians on the economy. Just look at the skyrocketing inflation and the cost-of-living crisis we are in, with higher prices for groceries, gas and other essentials such as home heating.
My constituents are worried; Canadians are worried. Thankfully, they can count on a strong, united Conservative official opposition to fight for the best interests of all Canadians, and we intend to do exactly that.
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