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2017-06-15 14:01 [p.12766]
Mr. Speaker, the lack of mental health services in Nunavut continues to have a profound and tragic effect on Nunavummiut. Years of societal and cultural disruption have led to increased multi-generational trauma among Inuit.
As a result, many have turned to alcohol and other substances. Sadly, this reality has led to a suicide rate that is 10 times the national average, a statistic that has not changed since it was declared a crisis in 2015.
I do not think there is a family in Nunavut that has not been affected by suicide, or alcohol and substance abuse. I know mine certainly has. I know all too well the forceful, lasting impact it can have.
This is unacceptable in Canada in 2017. The Government of Nunavut urgently requires adequate federal funding to provide the mental health services needed to break this cycle and ensure a brighter future for Nunavummiut.
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