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Guy Cormier
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Guy Cormier
2019-07-15 15:55
To answer the first part of your question, we made the decision this morning to set up a protection program for all our individual and corporate members. The corporate component sometimes isn't covered by other institutions or even by Equifax. We've decided to offer this service free of charge to our members as long as they stay at Desjardins. We won't charge them anything. I want to quickly reiterate that the program covers all unauthorized financial transactions involving a person's account, deposits and money. If a transaction hasn't been authorized, we'll reimburse the person. That's one thing.
Second, if a person is unfortunately a victim of identity theft, we'll provide assistance, not a list of the steps to take. We'll call on our experts to provide assistance, and the experts may even participate in conference calls to help the person recover their identity.
Third, we'll provide coverage of up to $50,000 to reimburse members for expenses that they may have incurred, such as lost wages, child care costs or the cost of obtaining documents.
This concept of free service is extremely important to us. If you're a member of the cooperative, you have access to the program.
We humbly propose that a committee be established to, among other things, address the issue of whether privacy should be managed by third party companies. I think that the status quo isn't an option.
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