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For O Canada, today we have the hon. member for Timmins—James Bay.
[Members sang the national anthem]
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Lib. (QC)
Mr. Speaker, for Mullivaikkal, Tamils across the world mourn their loved ones. May 18, 2009, marks the end of the armed conflict in Sri Lanka. With no peace on the island until this date, over 70,000 Tamils were killed, 300,000 were detained and countless disappeared.
Today marks the 13th anniversary of the Mullivaikkal genocide. We join with the Tamil people in honouring them and remembering.
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Mr. Speaker, I wish to recognize four outstanding individuals from my beautiful riding of Niagara Falls who have made significant contributions in our communities and in this country. They are as follows.
David Mostoway, better known as Duff Roman from his broadcasting days, from Niagara-on-the-Lake, was appointed to the Order of Canada by the Governor General for his significant contributions to the Canadian music industry.
Peter Warrack, also of Niagara-on-the-Lake, was recently awarded the Meritorious Service Cross by the Governor General in recognition of his significant work to combat human trafficking in Canada and abroad.
Steve Ludzik, from Niagara Falls, was awarded the Meritorious Service Decoration Award in the civil division from the Governor General for his work in establishing the Steve Ludzik Centre for Parkinson's Rehab at Hotel Dieu Shaver Health and Rehabilitation Centre.
Aaron Tate, of Niagara Falls, was awarded the Ontario Medal for Firefighter Bravery by the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario for putting his own life at risk by rescuing a distressed teenager in the raging waters of the Lower Niagara River.
Congratulations to these four constituents for their incredible work, sacrifices and commitment to bettering the lives of those in our communities and our country.
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Lib. (ON)
Mr. Speaker, on this Tamil genocide remembrance day, I want to honour those who died and those who survived. I want to honour the mothers of the disappeared who continue to search for their lost children; the women and men who are at Mullivaikkal today to commemorate their loved ones while under strict surveillance by the Sri Lankan military; the war widows who are struggling to feed and raise their children alone, all the while searching for answers; and the Tamil nation for its resilience and persistence against all odds and its relentless pursuit of justice, accountability and self-determination.
Today is also a day to recommit to ensuring that we have accountability for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide. In Sri Lanka, this starts with the discredited Rajapaksa brothers, whose veil of impunity is unravelling. International impunity will also end as we reaffirm the international rules-based order, and the Rajapaksas and others will face the wrath of justice.
Today, let us remember and reaffirm our thirst for justice, accountability and peace.
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Mr. Speaker, tomorrow I will have the honour of attending a book launch in my riding. It is a biography about Pierre de Bellefeuille, a former Parti Québécois MNA. In his book, entitled Pierre de Bellefeuille Parcours d'un libre penseur, author Denis Monière recounts the extraordinary life of a man who was a journalist at Le Droit, an executive at the National Film Board of Canada, editor of Maclean's magazine and director of exhibitors at Expo 67.
On November 15, 1976, when the people of Quebec chose René Lévesque to be their premier, Pierre de Bellefeuille was the first Parti Québécois MNA to be sworn in to represent the riding of Deux-Montagnes. Also, Pierre de Bellefeuille lived in the Chénier-Sauvé house in old Saint-Eustache, where both Jean-Olivier Chénier, our most famous patriot, and Paul Sauvé, former premier of Quebec, had themselves resided.
I thank Denis Monière for introducing us to the brilliant intellectual and patriot who was Pierre de Bellefeuille.
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Lib. (QC)
Oyez, oyez, Mr. Speaker! Lords, ladies, nobles and the good folk of Vaudreuil-Dorion will gather on June 9, 10 and 11 for the 30th edition of the Seigneuriales. At this festival honouring the history of New France, they will eat, drink, play and sing as they celebrate the rich cultural heritage of our community, Vaudreuil—Soulanges. After two years of scaled-back or cancelled festivities, everyone in our community, young and old alike, can finally gather to celebrate our rich cultural history.
I want to thank Guy Pilon, mayor of the City of Vaudreuil-Dorion, Daniel Bissonnette and the Musée régional de Vaudreuil—Soulanges, and Christiane Lévesque and her team for their amazing work.
I invite all the lords and ladies of Vaudreuil—Soulanges to join me at this festival. There will be activities for the whole family, local artisans and, of course, everything our seigneury has to offer.
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Mr. Speaker, I was really pleased when my private member's bill to create a framework to get consistent access to palliative care for all Canadians was unanimously passed. The health minister then created the framework and committed $6 billion over 10 years, in 2018, for palliative care. However, here we are four years later and only $200 million of the money pledged has been spent, and most of it was spent on medical assistance in dying. This is unacceptable.
I call on the government to return to the plan: funding to enhance virtual services for palliative care, funding to train nurses and paramedics to deliver palliative care in rural areas and building hospices to serve the aging population. These were just some of the great plans that we need to get back on track.
The special committee that studied MAID said that without good quality palliative care there really is no choice. My bill and the plan developed with all-party support would make that choice a reality.
I encourage the health minister to return to the plan and fulfill the promised funding for palliative care.
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Lib. (ON)
View Ya'ara Saks Profile
2022-05-18 14:09
Mr. Speaker, each year, as parliamentarians, we have the opportunity to welcome Ukrainian interns to be part of our offices through the Canada-Ukraine parliamentary program. This year comes with added significance and an opportunity for us to learn first-hand what Ukrainians are facing right now.
Maggie joined my office and has shared her fears and hopes for her community back home. When asked what she would like all of us in this chamber to know, her words are simply put but urgent.
The Ukrainian military is under fire daily in the Azovstal plant in Mariupol, fighting in poor sanitation conditions and without water. They are fighting to survive and not surrender, as Russian troops continue to violate the rules of war, killing civilians. Thankfully, the Ukrainian military is evacuating women and children from the plant, as many have been there for more than two months. However, their rescue continues to be in constant jeopardy. There is a need for more international observers in the face of this humanitarian crisis.
Maggie asks that we make sure that all of us know the tragedy of Mariupol and Azovstal and the urgency to save lives. She echoes the calls of her fellow courageous Ukrainians to act: “Save Mariupol. Save Azovstal. Now.”
We all have a responsibility in the House to stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Slava Ukraini.
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Lib. (BC)
Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize the Youth Helping Youth Society, which held its annual fundraising dinner in support of the B.C. Children's Hospital. Last Friday's event raised $41,000, which brings the total amount raised since 2012 to an amazing $291,000.
I thank the organization's young volunteers and directors, including Manroop Ghuman, Amritpal Ughra, Manvir Kooner, Arvin Kooner, Arshdeep Pataria and Divjot Pataria, for their efforts on behalf of British Columbia's world-class health care facility for children. This is the kind of community initiative that shows off the very best of what our youth have to offer to the broader community.
Please join me in thanking these youth volunteers for doing an amazing job for our society.
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Mr. Speaker, tomorrow officially marks the start of Canada's National Junior A Championship, the 2022 Centennial Cup, taking place in my hometown of Estevan, Saskatchewan, and the excitement is definitely in the air. This year's tournament will run for 11 days and feature 10 teams from nine JHL leagues across the country. It also marks the 50th anniversary of the Centennial Cup event, so it is an honour to be able to host the tournament in Estevan and celebrate the milestone.
The Flin Flon Bombers, Summerside Western Capitals, Ottawa Junior “A” Senators, Soo Thunderbirds, Dauphin Kings, Pickering Panthers, Red Lake Miners, Collège Français de Longueuil, Brooks Bandits, and the SJHL champions, the Estevan Bruins, will play some of the best hockey in this country, and I encourage everyone to show support by coming in person to watch a game or tuning in online.
Of course, I myself will be rooting for the Estevan Bruins, but I wish the best of luck to all participants for a successful and memorable Centennial Cup, and I say, “Go, Bruins, go.”
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Lib. (ON)
Mr. Speaker, I would like to express my condolences to the family, friends and colleagues of Al Jazeera reporter Shireen Abu Akleh, who was shot and killed during an Israeli military operation in the West Bank, and I am deeply disturbed by what happened during her funeral procession.
Journalists are vital to our democracy; they risk their lives every day to bring us the truth about what is happening in our world. Canada must make clear the need for an independent international investigation and that those responsible for the shooting of Shireen Abu Akleh must be held accountable for their actions to the full extent of local and international law. It is clear that only the International Criminal Court has the ability to conduct an investigation that is thorough, full and independent, and I call on Canada to recognize its jurisdiction so there can be justice.
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Mr. Speaker, the tourism sector is on its knees. Communities across this country and in Simcoe North are depending on the influx of tourists to get back on their feet, but businesses and communities should not have to also deal with the federal government getting in the way of what should be a strong recovery. The latest revelation from the CBSA, that almost 80% of small vessel crossings will remain closed, will be devastating to communities like Simcoe North.
If Michigan boaters wish to visit Georgian Bay and our 30,000 islands, they would need to go 230 kilometres round trip out of their way to Sarnia. This is neither safe for boaters, nor good for the environment or good for business. Another example is the Tall Ships Challenge Great Lakes series, which is expected to bring tens of thousands of visitors to communities in the Great Lakes, including the beautiful city of Midland. However, the CBSA policy may put these tall ship visits in jeopardy.
The government must take swift action now, so we may save the upcoming tourism season. Let us save the summer.
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View John Barlow Profile
2022-05-18 14:15
Mr. Speaker, it has been more than two years since the start of the pandemic, but Canadians are still reporting high levels of anxiety and depression and are struggling with their mental health. More and more countries around the world are ending their vaccine mandates and travel restrictions and getting life back to normal, but here in Canada many Canadians are still faced with hardship and heartbreak because of outdated and vindictive vaccine mandates. The Liberals continue to punish Canadians despite strong alternatives, like rapid testing, being readily available.
These are Canadians like my constituent Denise, who had to turn down work with UNICEF; Mike, who has not been able to hug his grandkids; Sylvie, who missed her grandmother's funeral in Ontario; Randy, who was not able to celebrate his mom's 92nd birthday with her; or the thousands of energy workers from across Canada, who have not been able to travel to B.C., Alberta or Saskatchewan to work in the vital oil sands.
It is time to stop this ideological and divisive language around the vaccine mandates and end the travel restrictions. It is time to get people back to work and address the mental health crisis that many Canadians are facing.
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Lib. (QC)
Mr. Speaker, jodia se fête drapeau haïtien.
Today it is my privilege to draw the Canadian House of Commons' attention to the 219th anniversary of the creation of the Haitian flag.
The blue and red flag represents the abolition of slavery in the colonies and the proclamation of liberty and equality for all. The bravery of the country's heroines, heroes and noble people resulted in one of the greatest victories in human history, the Haitian revolution of 1804.
As we celebrate the achievements of Haitians around the world, I sincerely hope that Haitians will draw on their great history to at last bring democracy to the nation that was once known as the pearl of the Antilles.
I wish them a happy flag day. Avèw Map Mache!
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I want to remind members to keep the noise down so that we can get the statements out.
The hon. member for Algoma—Manitoulin—Kapuskasing.
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