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Lib. (QC)
No, no, I'm sorry. I knew that one of his daughters had done projects with WE, and that she had written a book on women's engagement, which I had received at one point. However, I did not know that he had another daughter who was working as such for the organization.
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Thank you.
My third question is around Mr. Morneau's deep connections with WE. Were you aware of Mr. Morneau's family connections with the WE organizations?
Katie Telford
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Katie Telford
2020-07-30 17:12
The only connection, which only really came back to me recently, was the fact that, as the Prime Minister mentioned, his daughter had written a book. When I saw the cover shown recently—I'm not sure if it was the front or the back—it did have a quote from a Kielburger on it. That was really the extent of my knowledge of the connections.
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You had suggested before that you're aware of the Morneaus' connection with the daughter with the book, but I want to clarify that you were unaware of any travel that Minister Morneau might have taken or of family travel.
Craig Kielburger
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Craig Kielburger
2020-07-28 16:02
Number three, with great respect, is trust. You trusted us with your own children for years in the program. I hope you trust us now.
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I don't trust you anymore, but my children did go through your program, and since my children were raised with it, I think it's a very good point. My children learned so much from you guys when you guys were a much younger operation. Now I see how many young people feel.... I was just reading something from someone who wrote about leaving WE. It was about your disregard, the toxic work environment, the disregard for rights, how WE became another private sector company—
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