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I would concur with that—reluctantly. I think it could be dealt with after PROC's decision, but I sense the feeling in the room and I think we should get off to a collegial start, because it may not last all that long. But certainly, I concur, and if I could, Madam Chair, I have a number of motions that I would like to put while we are in session now.
To the clerk, the first motion should be distributed.
The first motion is as follows:
That the Committee call upon Minister Mendicino to come before committee to speak about his mandate letter, provide a Ministerial overview and discuss his legislative plans
As the documents are being circulated, I'll just say that it is customary in every new Parliament to call the minister—or ministers—responsible to get an interpretation on their reading of their mandate letter, which in many cases has a number of general directions without specific direction.
That is my first motion, Madam Chair.
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Lib. (NS)
On a point of order, Madam Chair, is this properly before the committee at this meeting? Normally, of course, we'd deal with the routine motions, and the election of chair is on the agenda. I just want to clarify whether this is.
I see the clerk nodding.
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Lib. (ON)
We normally do routine motions, but there is nothing preventing a member from moving a motion. It is now on the floor, and we can have a debate on it.
Mr. Tabbara.
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Ind. (ON)
I don't think the government has an issue with having the minister here. We'll check his availability, and as soon as he is available we can invite him here to the committee for a one-hour meeting, along with his officials. But I think right now we just want to move the routine motions.
Do we have to deal with this motion first?
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Lib. (ON)
It will be a recorded vote on the motion.
(Motion agreed to: yeas 11; nays 0 [See Minutes of Proceedings])
The Chair: The clerk and I will work it out with the minister's office, and we will come up with a date.
Next on the list is Mr. Tabbara.
Results: 1 - 5 of 5

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