Interventions in Board of Internal Economy
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Lib. (NS)
Order. We are now in the public session of the Board of Internal Economy meeting. We will go to the next item, which is the minutes of the previous meeting. Are they approved?
Go ahead, Mr. Strahl.
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Lib. (NS)
Thank you very much.
Is there anything else?
With that information—
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Lib. (NS)
With that presentation, then, can we say the minutes are approved?
Some hon. members: Agreed.
Hon. Geoff Regan: Thank you very much.
The next item is business arising from the previous meeting. Is there anything arising from the previous meeting?
Some hon. members: No.
Hon. Geoff Regan: Thank you.
Now we're at the seventh item on the agenda: the update from the members' working group on the LTVP.
We have quite a group here to present on that. Is it Ms. Sgro who will lead off?
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Lib. (NS)
We have something. However, it doesn't include the list that you were starting to read. It sounded as though it would be a good list for us to have.
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Lib. (NS)
Before I go to Ms. Block, this is listed on the agenda as an update. To what degree are you looking for a decision from the board?
Ms. Block had her hand up.
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Lib. (NS)
Thank you.
We will go to Mr. Julian and then Ms. Bergen.
Wait, it's Monsieur Rodriguez. Let's not be confused about that.
I apologize.
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Lib. (NS)
Ms. Bergen, I think you've perceived the role precisely. You've stated accurately and exactly what it was intended to be.
I see Monsieur Patrice, and I don't know if Mr. Wright wants to comment as well to give the perspectives of the administration and of PSPC.
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