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Madam Minister, this is a very important question. You said that Canadians did not trust the Conservatives on the environment. However, for the past five years, the Liberal Party has shown a demagoguery that is totally disproportionate in this regard.
You're a smart woman. You know the ecoTrust program, an environmental platform that dates back to 2007. On that occasion, Mr. Harper and Mr. Charest gave a press conference. The budget envelope for this program was $1.5 billion. We transferred $338 million to Quebec to support its environmental plan. It isn't without reason that Canada has been able to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 2% in recent years. Indeed, there was a real plan that the Conservatives had put forward.
You are being demagogic when you say that the Conservatives have done absolutely nothing in this area. There was the ecoTrust program and the greenhouse gas emission targets, targets that you kept in the Paris Agreement.
The minister talks about public confidence, but how can she have censored the results of the research done by her department and the Department of Finance?
How could she hide the figures that indicated how much the Liberal carbon tax would cost per capita?
Madam Minister, since you are talking about public confidence, you must tell us today how much the Liberal carbon tax will cost per capita.
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