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Lib. (ON)
Definitely there has been a whole lot of cost savings with doing things virtually. The budgets look a lot slimmer than they once were, so that's good. There's some benefit to COVID.
The other thing is just be a little patient with me today. I'm having my butt kicked a little bit because of my second dose that I took yesterday. I was feeling great throughout the day yesterday, but all of a sudden, since last night, I have not been so well. I have taken some Advil, so hopefully, I can get through this meeting today.
We are meeting until 2 p.m., so we have been cleared for an extra hour today. Thank you to all of the whip staff who made that possible because I do feel we will need the full three hours to get through this. We have approximately 40 amendments. Forty amendments in a two-hour span would have been very difficult.
I should probably mention at the beginning that we have representatives from Elections Canada here today. They can answer any technical questions about the bill. We also have the PCO here, and we have our legislative clerk, Mr. Méla, here as well. He has been a godsend and really great at making sure we're doing everything appropriately from a legal perspective with the amendments in this bill.
We will start going through the package that has been given, amendment by amendment. I think there will be a couple of amendments that might be moved from the floor, which I have been informed about. There might be others that I don't know of, so please stop me along the way if you feel that you want to move something from the floor.
(On clause 1)
The Chair: We are going to start with NDP-1.
Should we formally move each of these or have they been deemed moved since they have been submitted ahead of time?
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