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Thank you so much.
Colleagues, we have another group coming in here at 11 a.m., so rather than suspend and go into committee business, I'm going to keep the witnesses at the table and deal with this in public, if I can, very quickly.
A revised calendar has been distributed. All of you have seen that. Just to clarify, notwithstanding what was decided at an earlier meeting, when the PBO appears before this committee on March 24 he will be speaking only to his reports on supplementary estimates. He can be invited at a later date to speak on the main estimates and report on them.
Can we agree with that? Thank you very much.
Finally, in response to an outstanding question from the last meeting, we have filled March 26 with a red tape reduction study because the minister has responded to us as not being available on that date. Therefore, to the advice of this committee, we're going ahead with another hour, or two hours, on red tape reduction.
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