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There's a difference between proactive disclosure and the right to access documents. I would refer my colleagues back to 2011, when Tony Clement managed to get $50 million in border security money diverted to Muskoka to spend on gazebos and sunken boats. All of that was under ministerial privilege. We couldn't find out how he spent a dime until we went to the municipalities. Thanks to their access to information act, we found they had homemade applications for spending money. That's how that got out, but if it was under the minister's office, we knew nothing.
Is making sure that we have access or at least giving you the right to decide.... I think that's the fundamental question. I can't say if it's cabinet confidence. You can. It seems to me that it's interfering with your work if you don't have the right to decide whether those documents do fall under that or they're just being needlessly protected.
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