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Lib. (ON)
Thank you very much.
Obviously, we've all met people from other parts of the world who have incredible skills and talents and who are not utilizing them to their full potential. In my previous role as the minister of employment, there were a number of programs that could help new Canadians and others to improve their foreign credential recognition, including the provision of low-interest or almost zero-interest loans, to help facilitate access to courses, for example.
This is something that we have to do with provinces and territories, as you know. It's not something that we can compel provinces and territories in terms of adjusting their own particular recognition program, nor is it something that we would advise. We want to make sure that the professionals who come to our country who are professionals in health care have the right suite of credentials that Canadians have come to expect.
We'll continue to work with the college of medicine, regulatory bodies, provinces and territories to see if there are ways that we can accelerate that process. The other piece is making sure that people have access to resources, so they can take care of their daily lives while they're pursuing sometimes time-consuming courses that take away from their capacity to earn.
I was always impressed by that particular fund. It was used extremely well by the Government of Canada to support the education of newcomers. Many of them were health care professionals who could then go on and fill some of the gaps in our communities.
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