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Lib. (ON)
—as is the research on treatment, because, of course, it is an area where there is still lots to learn about how to treat people who are struggling with Lyme disease. Educating Canadians about prevention is, obviously the best dollar you'll ever spend in health care. Then there's supporting the training of health professionals, screening and then of course monitoring the tick spread. In terms of care for people who are living with Lyme disease, obviously this is an ongoing challenge because it is such a lengthy illness for some.
Certainly I think we can all do more to ensure that our provincial and territorial counterparts are well aware of the kinds of supports people could have. Obviously the work that we're doing to try to ensure that people have better supports in terms of EI, and better supports in terms of other income measures, can go a long way in terms of the disease and how long people are off work when they are ill.
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