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Lib. (ON)
If I can just answer this, I think it's an important clarification. That might mean that we don't have enough ventilators in Canada at that range, if we didn't acquire any more, and if everyone were to get sick all at once. That's why part two of Dr. Tam's answer is so important. The intent of flattening the curve is so that everyone doesn't get sick all at once, so that we don't see a severe peak and we can support our health care system to manage severe illness at that higher level in a way that's much more predictable, and we'll have the time and the ability to ensure we can procure the additional materials we would need as that illness continues.
Part two of her answer is very important. We all have a role to play in reducing the curve. The curve, the extreme peak of illness, all at once, is what puts your health care system into crisis, and the goal that we have had all along is to ensure that, as we deal with the coronavirus, we reduce and flatten that peak so that not everyone gets sick at once and we don't end up in a surge capacity in hospitals—
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