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Lib. (BC)
The project is already under way. Even when we designed the project and the competition itself, what we wanted to do was make sure that we did not start looking at infrastructure after the planes were delivered. We wanted to make sure that before the planes arrive the infrastructure projects are in place. That work is ongoing. In fact, we have regular discussions on this.
Not only is the infrastructure in place, but the right people are there. We have to look at the mechanics of it. It is far more complex and much wider than even the infrastructure. All of that is being taken into account.
Also, let's not forget about the future fighters. We also have the remote pilot assistance project, which is the UAVs. When I visited your neck of the woods, I also got to see the drone centre of excellence and the work that's being done. As I stated, as we look at the various provinces and across Canada where the capabilities are going to go, these are the types of things I look at. What is the expertise in those areas? I was very impressed with the drone centre of excellence and how, for some of the work that's being done there, the military can work in that regard.
All these things are taken into account, but we also like to dig deep into what the communities offer as well.
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