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Thank you to all of the witnesses here today.
My question is for you, Dr. Borrows. Many of us have reflected on how this is a moment in history that outlines the way in which the federal government has disrespected the issues of land and title in this specific case. It also shines a light on the way in which so many rights around land and title are still unresolved.
Could you perhaps reflect on how important it is for the federal government to not just get this right, but to get it right when it comes to all first nations across this country?
I know you did speak to the importance of the UN declaration—I'm very proud to be part of a political team that has championed this—and how important it is to not water down the kind of framework that the UN declaration provides, including the importance of free, prior, and informed consent, including acknowledging the right to land and title. I'm wondering if you can speak to how important it for us to get this right and move forward.
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