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Lib. (BC)
Mr. Speaker, the Bank of Canada is looking for Canadians to put on the new five-dollar bill. There is no shortage of great Canadians to be recognized in this way, but in this bright firmament, no light shines brighter than Terry Fox. Terry Fox is a Port Coquitlam hometown hero and a national symbol of resilience.
Not only is Terry a hometown hero, but he is also a national hero.
Even 40 years after he dipped his foot into the Atlantic in St. John's and began his marathon of hope, he continues to inspire Canadians. Through his own battle and the fight that carries on in his name, countless lives have been saved. Many cancers, including the one that took Terry's own life, are now treatable thanks to his legacy and thanks to the way he chose to face this vicious illness. However, the work is not done.
He still has a vital role to play.
Let us give him a high-five.
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