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I thought perhaps I saw some hands up here earlier. I want to make sure they aren't missed.
You guys are good? Awesome.
Having heard from everyone, then, I will call a vote on the motion that is before the committee.
Before doing so, I want to take a moment to caution members. Based on principle, I have ruled this motion in order. However, let this caution stand: If this motion or a motion like it were to come forward to simply change a date, I would have no other choice than to rule that out of order. At that point in time it would be getting silly. I'm putting that out there as a caution to the committee. There have to be sufficient changes made to motions in order for them to come forward.
With that, I will proceed to a recorded vote.
(Motion negatived: nays 6; yeas 4)
The Chair: At this point in time I will suspend, and we will prepare for our first witness.
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