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I have a few things. One is that we may need a friendly amendment in either event, because the language that purports to protect the privacy of Canadian citizens whose names and personal information may be included probably should be changed to something broader or include the words “permanent residents”. My understanding is that permanent residents have been impacted by this and we wouldn't want their personal information to be disclosed.
It's been my experience that speeches that begin with profound commitments to transparency often end with a conclusion that calls for less transparency, but I think that the subamendment actually provides a good compromise because it has added the Liberals' concern over national security.
I have a comment and a bit of a question on cabinet confidence. I personally would support an exclusion of cabinet confidence, but I'm wondering if we can get a quick piece of advice from the clerk.
I understand that your original subamendment excluded national security and cabinet confidence matters, but you've taken out “cabinet confidence”. I think that should be in.
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