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I certainly have seen, in my short time as the shadow minister for families, children and social development, that the problem is largely a supply problem. As I said to Parliamentary Secretary Vaughan, certainly my knowledge of the housing sector and needs is nowhere near as great as his, but in the short time I have been in this position, I recognize that there is a supply problem—or this is what I am told—in addition to the necessity for more private partnerships. The reference to developers here certainly speaks to that.
In that same spirit of co-operation and evaluation, I would like to.... Chair, frankly, I am not sure if I am putting forward Mr. Long's motion or if I am putting forward my own motion, which would be identical to Mr. Long's motion, at this time.
Dan, please don't cry. I have only so much kleenex.
The motion is:
That the committee undertake a study of the effectiveness of distributing funds through the National Housing Strategy, and any barriers which may be preventing the distribution of funds to developers.
Thank you, Chair.
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