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Madam Speaker, that response clearly demonstrates how uninterested the government is in engaging in a serious response to a serious and important question about foreign affairs and national security. We gave the opportunity to the minister, the parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs or the parliamentary secretary for public safety to respond to the question, and we have the great fog read out of policy detail that in no way engages with a very simple and clear question. It is not as if the government did not have advance notice of this.
Members know the way these late shows work: The government knows a long time in advance that the question is going to be asked and exactly what the question is going to be. Again and again we ask the same question, and not only has the government not bothered to answer, but the foreign affairs and public safety teams could not even be bothered to show up.
Again, this is a simple question: Why did the government not list the IRGC as a terrorist entity? Does it still intend to list the IRGC? If the answer is no, it should just tell us no. The House deserves an answer.
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