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Madam Speaker, the hon. member from the opposite side has gone on in length in regard to safeguards. There are currently safeguard infractions going on across Canada, without corresponding professional discipline being in place. We can go on and on about safeguards, but if the current ones do not work, why would we put in more or less? They are not working.
Let me point to the case of Mr. Roger Foley. He has had to open a GoFundMe in order to pay for his legal bills so he can get actual home care. He is a young man dying of cerebellar ataxia. He is suffering, and the government is keeping him away from proper care. He has been dehumanized, threatened, attacked and abused and his life has been completely devalued just because he is a person with disabilities.
Greater value is placed on access to MAID than access to alternatives that could alleviate a patient's intolerable suffering. MAID is being presented to patients as a preferred treatment option, rather than the very last resort once all other avenues have been exhausted.
Could the member opposite tell me how that is happening?
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