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I support the amendment fully. I really want to add my voice in support of Mr. Van Bynen's comments.
I just want to say that health is an interesting issue, and if anybody understands the Constitution, I'd like them to sit down at some point and explain it to me, because I'm still trying to understand it.
Some hon. members: Oh, oh!
Mr. Don Davies: I say this because health care is one of those odd areas where there is shared jurisdiction and split jurisdiction. Frankly, it's academic because it has never put constraints on what this committee studies, in any event. Look at the kind of things we've studied, like concussions. We studied LGBTQ2 health in Canada.
The federal government clearly has jurisdiction over the health of indigenous people and every aspect of health that applies to indigenous people, from diabetes to concussions to their access to primary care.
The work of this committee, I believe, is always relevant and can be applied to provinces, so I just want to say that I very much support the amendment, and I also support the main motion.
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