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Well, I think I'm in agreement with everything we're saying, but for us to function well as a committee, I think we need to get clarity, which will maybe take some time. I do think that we need to pass motions here at committee with sufficient clarity that we know what we're voting on. If it's too broad and we don't know what we're voting on, we can't say that we'll let the subcommittee determine what we're to study, because then it's rendering the vote at this committee kind of meaningless.
I suspect there's already consensus that perhaps we could amend the motion to read “undertake a study on Primary care models, including examining”. Then I thought Dr. Kitchen's items were perfect: access to family physicians, rural-based care, and whatever it was; I didn't get them all. If we just include them as a focus, that gives precision to the committee but it's not closed-ended.
That's what I would suggest.
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