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I think the suggestion of a 1:15 meeting on Tuesday is fine with me. I can't be there for the morning, or at least, I was on House duty, and now I have another thing, so I've already found a replacement for House duty to do this other thing. You know, I'm wearing out my welcome asking for replacements, so I'd rather.... I would agree that I can't see this as taking up much time—you know, more than 15 minutes—on Tuesday at 1:15, so I would be in favour of that.
I can't comment further on whether we should do this. I don't know what these clause-by-clause.... I don't know what the clauses say, so I would rather go through with this, say that we will do it. I want to respect our Conservative members in trying to do the work that everyone expects us to do. I think that having a short meeting at 1:15 on Tuesday would accomplish that.
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