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I'd like to make a friendly amendment to the motion. In light of talking to the minister and different people over the last week and a half, we'd like to do a couple of things.
The first thing is that we'd like to change the number of committees that was in the original motion to three, so basically it would be the Standing Committee on Agriculture and Agri-Food, the Standing Committee on Industry, Science and Technology, and the Standing Committee on Natural Resources, which I think is very similar to the Liberal motion.
We'd like to change the date from April 2 to March 12. That gives those committees enough time to bring witnesses forward and deal with the issue and then get it back to us so that we can deal with it. The reason we say March 12 is that the week before that is a break week, so they may or may not be sitting. And I want to highlight the fact that it would be no later than March 12. If they can get it done before then, we can come back and deal with it before that.
I want to remind the Liberal members of caucus that they chair all those committees, so the chair of that committee can actually.... If they want to hold more meetings faster and during the break week or on weekends, which we'd entertain and work with them on, that would be their prerogative, too. As I was saying, it would be no later than March 12. That would allow us to get the bill through clause-by-clause that week and hopefully back to the House, assuming everything flows the way it should. That would be my amendment.
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