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I'll try to stay within my allotted time.
I also want to talk about chapter 28 on good regulatory practices, which states that the policies implemented must facilitate trade, growth and investment.
This mechanism seems quite restrictive. The new rules must be made publicly available each year, namely, the rules that will be in force the following year. The authorities must also make publicly available the studies and data that led to the practices in question, and justify the need for them and explain the issue that they wanted to address. A list of alternatives must also be provided. The chapter is 13 pages. However, it seems that we're making the process more cumbersome and shifting public policy toward greater liberalization, in addition to considerably reducing political sovereignty.
Chapter 11 of NAFTA has been eliminated. I want to congratulate you for this. It's a great success and a good thing. However, it seems that the chapter has been replaced by another mechanism that threatens sovereignty and the ability to make decisions in this Parliament.
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