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I want to thank the three witnesses for joining us and for giving their presentation.
My first question is for Mr. Sanger.
I'm particularly interested in the fight against tax avoidance, meaning the practice of large companies using tax havens to avoid paying their taxes. I suppose that we share this concern. When we look at the work done by the OECD, we can see that, compared to other OECD countries, Canada is always slow to implement measures to address both tax evasion and tax avoidance.
However, to my great surprise, the mandate letter sent by the Prime Minister to the Minister of Finance seems to contain a number of components indicating a desire to fight tax avoidance. The letter specifically states the following:
Modernize anti-avoidance rules to stop large multinational companies from being able to shop for lower tax rates by constructing complex schemes between countries.
Close corporate tax loopholes that allow companies to excessively deduct debt to artificially reduce the tax that they pay.
You spoke about this matter earlier. In your opinion, what additional measures could be adopted quickly?
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