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Thank you, Madam Chair. I think it's interesting that there's a sort of want to put some responsibility on the NDP for the motion we brought forward.
Again, I will just say this. There was a motion brought forward in the House of Commons through the Conservatives to set up a committee with three vice-chairs. There was a decision to make that, so when it's said that role was not created, it has been created, which has led us in a direction to have a discussion.
Again, I will say this. The purpose of the motion that I have put forward is to create an environment of collaboration with the House of Commons. It seems to me, based on the advice of the clerk and the analyst, that this is a place where these are nice discussions to have, but that will not do what was intended by these motions.
As I said earlier, I think it's an interesting conversation. Perhaps we can have it in a place that actually has the authority to do something with it. I think these kind of conversations are always meaningful.
I want to be clear again. This is about a modification. This is not a fundamental change to the Standing Orders. I just think that needs to be respected and also that all the roles of the parties are respected. This is what we're looking for in this motion.
I'm happy to continue the discussion. I think it's an important discussion. I certainly hope that by the end of committee today we have some resolution.
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