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Lib. (BC)
Thank you. That brings our third round to a close.
I'd like to thank all the witnesses for being here, for giving us such excellent information and for spending time with us today.
For our next meeting, which is Wednesday, we currently have a couple of confirmed witnesses. I was wondering if we want to ask the clerk to invite Dr. Tam to return for further questions.
Some hon. members: Agreed.
The Chair: Thank you. We will extend that invitation as well.
I would also like the committee to consider, once we're done with these important briefings, what we're going to do as a committee going forward. We need to have a work plan. We need to consider what studies we want to do.
I've asked our analysts to prepare a précis of studies that have been done by this committee over the last two Parliaments. They will share that with the committee when it's available. That will give you some ideas of where we might want to go with our studies.
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