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Madam Speaker, I listened carefully to my hon. colleague's speech. I agree with him on many points.
However, he surprised me when he spoke about the forestry industry's problem. He said that the government was being stingy with forestry companies and with this sector that is very important to his native northern Ontario.
I remember during the 2008 crisis, when the Conservative government rightly decided to invest $10 billion in the auto sector. These loans were never repaid. For example, Chrysler, received a $4-billion loan, and this debt is still on the books. The government bought shares in General Motors, which it sold at a loss.
During the same period, the forestry industry was also going through a crisis. However, the Conservative government invested just $75 million in this sector, even though it employed 600,000 workers, compared to the 400,000 employed by the auto sector.
Does my colleague not think that the Liberal Party is carrying on the Conservative Party's policy?
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