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Madam Speaker, first of all, I know it is a well-worn line, but one is entitled to one's own opinion but not to one's own facts. It is an objective reality, with all due respect to my friends in the Bloc Québécois, that after a majority term of the current Prime Minister we have had a resurgence of the Bloc Québécois and we have had an unprecedented resurgence of separatist sentiment in western Canada. That is not Stephen Harper's fault.
We had a period during which the fortunes of separatism in all parts of the country were waning dramatically and then, all of a sudden, as a result of four years of Liberal government, of lack of respect for different parts of the country, a failure to build national unity, we have had the return of separatist sentiment in not one but multiple parts of this country. I certainly would invite the member across to visit my riding and observe the frustration that exists there in terms of what is going on.
In terms of whether there are one or two things in the throne speech that I like, it is a throne speech that sets out the program for the government, what it will do and will not do, and I think that the direction is fundamentally wrong.
I highlighted during my speech the fact that the government is really not identifying and responding to the key problems that we face, but that does not mean that there will not be things from time to time that the government does that we agree with.
However, the frustration is that the government is not attentive to, and does not really seem to care about, the biggest problems and challenges that are facing many Canadians, and many of those things are not even mentioned.
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