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Colette Labrecque-Riel
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Colette Labrecque-Riel
2019-12-12 12:44
I'm not so sure that I have the magic solution in terms of where the cap is. I can say that this request does not stem only from associations. There is a direct link with associations in the sense that there's a strong connection to my request with international conferences that we host, but the outgoing association activities are not the big issue here. It really stems from the protocol team, who are responsible for the immediate delivery of protocol services on the Hill. With regard to the two buildings, the delivery of these types of events in two buildings is much more complex for these individuals. Until I piloted this new structure, the international conferences used to be the responsibility of the same team. As they're delivering these protocol activities on the Hill on a very immediate and reactive basis, they're unable to do the long-term and medium-term planning for these conferences other than doing it on evenings and weekends.
I do take your point. I know that the council will be looking at these things once it ramps up again, probably in February, for associations' outgoing activities, but this request is really for all of my business lines, not just for associations.
Result: 1 - 1 of 1

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