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Lib. (NS)
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2019-12-12 14:49 [p.349]
Mr. Speaker, this is my first time rising in this House. I want to thank the good people from Sydney—Victoria for electing me as their member of Parliament. I would also like to thank all the volunteers whose hard work resulted in our victory.
[Member spoke in Mi’kmaq and provided the following text:]
Msit Nokomatut, Eymu'tik tan teluwitmek UN year ujit Lnu`sltikw, aq kejitu teplutaqn etek ujit apoqnmitamukw tan teli Lnui`sltikw. Ketu pipanimk mawi espipite'w Kaplnewel maliaptoq lnuekatik, tali kisi apoqnmatisnukw tan teli lnu`sltukiw ujit elmkinek. Mita menuaqlu'kik nutkwotlitewk siawi`lnuisltenew iapjui.
[Member provided the following translation:]
All my relations, we are currently in the United Nations Year of Indigenous Languages. While I understand legislation has been created to ensure protection of languages, my question for the Minister of Indigenous Services is how do we plan on implementing the language act, so that future generations of indigenous peoples are given the resources to ensure they can continue to speak the language proudly?
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