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Mr. Speaker, over here we take no lessons from the Liberal government when it comes to fiscal responsibility. The fact is that when the Liberals took office in 2015, millions of Canadians voted for a prime minister who said that the budget would be balanced in 2019. When one votes based on a promise and that promise is broken, it is a very serious thing, and we all have to recognize that. I do not think anyone on this side of the House will forget about that, because we speak for our constituents. At the doors of my riding, I heard this over and over again.
The fact is that in 2015 when the Liberal government took office, it had a balanced budget and it squandered it. The Liberals said that they were lowering taxes for the middle class, but they raised them. Frankly, I do not know how we can take any solace from the comments of the member opposite.
I would add, just as an aside, that I could get into the litany of problems we are having now economically, but I will just say that 71,000 Canadians lost their job last month and we are not hearing anything from that side of the House about how they are going to fix it.
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