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Mr. Speaker, from this morning until December 12, the Université de Montréal Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Saint-Hyacinthe will be hosting a team of evaluators from the American Veterinary Medical Association as part of the process for renewing its accreditation.
This institution is the only French-language veterinary college in America. It is training 400 students for a Ph.D. in veterinary medicine and is renowned as a unique research centre and unparalleled medical complex. It makes all of Quebec proud.
The faculty lost its accreditation in 1999. It was clear that the faculty was underfunded compared with the other three veterinary colleges in the rest of Canada. My Bloc Québécois predecessor, Yvan Loubier, fought tirelessly against Ottawa's refusal to contribute its share to fund the necessary adjustments. By contrast, the great Bernard Landry's government wasted no time making significant investments.
Thanks to the Bloc's sustained efforts, the funding was granted, resulting in the faculty receiving full accreditation in 2012.
We are proud—
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