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Mr. Speaker, I congratulate my friend on his nail-biting return to this House.
He said that the government cares about the middle class and that the evidence is just to do a word search in Hansard to see how many times that word appears. I took him up on the challenge and went to openparliament.ca. There is a feature on there where one can find a member's favourite word, the word a member uses most frequently in the House of Commons. Do members know what the favourite word of the member for Winnipeg North is? It is “Conservatives”. When he speaks in the House, the thing he talks about most is not the middle class or pharmacare. It is the Conservatives. That is revealing in many ways about his speech.
In the last four years, taxes went up for the middle class. The government did everything it could to increase taxes for the middle class. It took away income splitting and brought in the carbon tax. Why is the member so much more interested in the Conservatives than he is in the middle class?
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