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Guy Cormier
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Guy Cormier
2019-07-15 16:03
There are two or three parts to my response. When this incident occurred, we contacted several federal and provincial government agencies. We spoke with the different departments of finance. I want to tell you that the departments were very helpful and supportive. Bernard Brun can confirm that very clear and open discussions were held.
I've noticed that both the federal and provincial government authorities want to reassure the public. You have no idea how important this is to us. Sometimes, we see what's being written and said. I understand that people have concerns and questions. As MPs, you must hear about many of them from the people in your constituencies.
I can see that the federal and provincial government officials want to reassure people and give them the proper information. This is very helpful to Desjardins. People must be told to contact us so that we can introduce them to the programs that we announced this morning. Whenever we meet with people in our caisses or client contact centres, we're in direct contact with them and we reassure them.
We don't want to trivialize the situation. However, according to several studies and several experts who are currently assisting us, there's a clear difference between a data breach and what happens in a real data theft. This isn't a “one-to-one” case. The proportions are very small.
By adding the protection that we announced this morning, we're telling all our members, including businesses, not to worry. If any issues arise, they should call Desjardins. We'll assist them.
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